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Finalize your preparations.

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The 'Elite' now know they have the world by both balls, literaly, they're not hiding any more. The False Prophet has revealed himself and shown his true colors, while the massess blindly flock to him. While we were distracted, the tools were being built up around us, and are now being implimented. There are over 30,000 China built guillotines, shipped out from Fort Benning, GA, to over 800 internment(re-education) camps built by the likes of Haliburton, Kellog-Brown&Root, across this country, staffed and ready for activation on a 48 hr notice at any time. U.S Army MOS 31E. I have personal knowledge of this and much revelation through the Holy Spirit. I have lost almost all of my family and all of my friends for speaking of these things. I was cast to the street with a broken down back, and lived homeless in the woods for two years. now I am shouting from the roof top to anyone with ears that hear. The rest can and will disregard. The gallows surely await. If you're not on thier list by now, you should be. Be as the wise virgins. The rapture most are waiting for is a counterfiet. The Second Coming is at the last trump, when he darkens the sun. Be aware of the snares before that time. Blessed is he who dies for the Lord, blessed also is he who endures till the end.  love and all sincerety, Paul

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