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Nasa Says The Earth Is Round Where's The Proof

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12 = 66 http://beforeitsnews.com/strange/2014/11/earth-hoax-part-2-of-2-theres-no-ball-in-the-global-2459010.html

this has more info for u grav, sea..... lol flat seas n oceans, well sea fur yourself.


Thanks for the link. I've seen several formulas for the "drop" of the surface due to the alleged curvature. Yet over the centuries people have seen distant sights beyond what the curvature should allow.  Since our eyes have a line of sight that only goes several miles, maybe 20 or 30, we think the vanishing point is the round-world horizon. That's an optical illusion. See above.

The first "drop" calculator was made by Samuel Rowbotham. It squares the miles, then multiplies by eight inches to get the fall. More sophisticated math uses trigonometry to find the answer. What's the difference? People have seen objects well past the point Round Earth dictates. Jayke911 just posted the famous Bedford Experiment. It showed a 20-foot long canal that had NO drop. Even a one-mile stretch should drop a few inches. 

    Statute Miles Away - Math - Drop

1 mile - 1 x 1 x 8 = 8 Inches drop

2 miles - 2 x 2 x 8 = 32 Inches drop

3 miles - 3 x 3 x 8 / 12 = 6 Feet drop

4 miles - 4 x 4 x 8 / 12 = 10 Feet drop

5 miles - 5 x 5 x 8 / 12 = 16 Feet drop

6 miles - 6 x 6 x 8 / 12 = 24 Feet drop

7 miles - 7 x 7 x 8 / 12 = 32 Feet drop

8 miles - 8 x 8 x 8 / 12 = 42 Feet drop

9 miles - 9 x 9 x 8 / 12 = 54 Feet drop

10 miles - 10 x 10 x 8 / 12 = 66 Feet drop




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Don't get mad Grav,  just jokin' around =)

She won't... she's pretty cool!
If it were me, I'd be laughing my
arse off!

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We need to understand the theory or at least inquire about the things that we do not understand how they work in a flat earth..

So, Grav, - contrary to the accepted norm could you explain the optical "illusion" when flying in an airplane at 34,000 feet?  Why is the horizon seemingly spherical if looked at over a long distance?

If it were so that the earth is indeed flat there are certain things which I would like explained.  How would the seasons / day night work? If the earth is flat, are all other celestial bodies also flat?  If not, why would earth be flat and the rest not? If it is indeed flat what happens when I reach the end of the flatness?  If we are "on top" what is underneath this flat piece of rock?  Surely if the earth was flat and a tall object came toward you you would see the whole object and not just the tip thereof and progressively more and more of the object.

Is it only NASA who maintain that the earth is indeed spherical?  Were there not any evidence before the existence of NASSA.



The windows in a plane are curved in a way that bends what you see behind them , most cameras also have this issue. I live on the east coast of FL and when I look out on the horizon of the ocean it looks pretty dam flat.

All of your other questions can be answered with a few hours of research or less , if your lazy just go listen to some Mark Sargent interviews.



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It's good to always be skeptical but I'm sorry, Grav, you're on a wild goose chase with this concept.  I watched the first video you posted.  I literally face-palmed all the way through it (not because of what I may have been told by anyone, but because of what I know by virtue of logic and reason.)  The author of the video clearly knows little about geometry, physics, technology and astronomy and does not apply sufficient logic, reason and common sense.  Yes, I can explain each of his claims very easily and point out the massive holes in his logic!  I would spend the time to do so, but it's not convenient for me right now.

In the meantime, I will eave you with this guy's response (upon which I could expand much if I spend the time to do so.)


Assumptions piled on top of arrogance. 

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