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God Hears All Requests

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Troubled folks always reach out to God.

I am guilty of that myself.

How about when things are going well?

Ever take time for a few words to God?

Not as many a I should.

Prayers go both ways.


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I thank God everyday for the life I have. Sure, it was bumpy sometimes. Not everyone on the ride enjoyed it, and some people even got hurt. But at the end of the day, everyday, it all worked out for the best, so that the world as a whole could be a better place. God is a personal friend of mine, and my Lord and Savior. He deserves daily props. Personally, I take a lil time out everyday to talk to him. I think everyone should. He blesses those that hold faith in him, and in a day and age where true belief is few and far between, I think he appericates hearing some props over his good work while 5 billion bitch and moan. ^.^

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