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A couple of funny bits by the Family Guy

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I know, it can be rude. It can be crude. And it can be down right offensive. I will avoid those skits (and fuck ya bits, ya teenie boppin pretentious ass ((if it don't apply to you, don't apply it to ya)))but also, this is my community. My hood, if you will. And so I share some of my day to day, and right now I'm on a Family Guy run. Now for those that will say, "this isn't what this place is about", a) you're wrong! Shocker! b) it's all about community c) the reason I'm following any of you (if allowed, some don't, which is fine), is because I look at cha like my virtual neighbors. You're good people, so I like to know what's up. Not so much stalking as it is being a good neighbor ^.^ With that, I'mma drop two vids, Republicain Town, and A Bag of Weed. Please enjoy.



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