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Israeli diplomat: We want Germany to have guilty feelings over the Holocaust so it can help Israel

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Commentary — The use of the Holocaust card by Jewish supremacists to get everything from immunity from legitimate criticism to advance weapons systems for Israel has been standard practice for the past seven decades, but rarely is there such a crass admission of its exploitation. The following article from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz quotes the Israeli Embassy spokesman in Berlin as telling Germany that Israel is “working to preserve the German guilt feelings.”
So it’s not just that the Emperor is naked and nobody is saying anything. The Emperor is calling to the world to look at his nakedness and then proceeding to molest our wives and daughters and nobody is saying anything. And the sad part is that all we need to do is speak out and then so much of their power just evaporates. We don’t have to watch their media. We don’t have to vote for their candidates. We don’t have to volunteer to fight their wars.

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From the first captain america movie:

"Many people forget the first nation the Nazis invaded was germany."

Maybe we should stop living in the sins of the past, and start building the blessings of the future.

Remembering the past so we don't repeat it = good.

Condeming the future because of the past = not good. 

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What the :padllbli:!

That damn war (Outlaw Josey Wales quote) ended in 1945.

That was 70 :padllbli: years ago!

Give it a rest.



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