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Orthodox Jews: Part of the Solution or the Core of the Problem?

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A new video issued by an orthodox Jewish organization called “True Torah Jews”—one of the more prominent Jewish splinter groups which claims to be “anti-Zionist” has received wide circulation among anti-Zionist activists—but are orthodox and ultra-orthodox Jews really “anti-Zionist”?

In this article, Dr. David Duke addresses the issues and implications raised in the 8 minute “True Torah Jews” video. In his commentary, Dr. Duke asks—and answers the question: are “anti-Zionist” orthodox Jews really part of the answer to World Jewish Supremacism, or are they actually a key element in it?

By Dr. David Duke. The video by Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro from the “True Torah Jews” currently being circulated is actually nothing more than an orthodox Jewish argument against being drafted into the Israeli army.

It is noticeable that Rabbi Shapiro is not for stopping the holocaust in Gaza. He is not for dismantling of the Zionist State. He is not for removing the orthodox settlers from their stolen land in the West Bank. He is only for stopping the drafting of his own racist, Gentile hating Jewish supremacist fanatics from getting drafted in the Israeli Army!

Most of the Israeli “settlers” in the West Bank—all illegal in terms of international law—are orthodox and ultra-orthodox Jews.

There is no argument about the fact that religious Jews in Israel are far more likely to be radical, extremist Zionists in a real sense than secular Jews—which is where most of the scant Israeli opposition comes from. Most of the opposition to Israelis crimes comes from the non-religious sector.

Yet, still the myth persists among many anti-Zionists that “real Jews” are actually anti-Zionist. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Likud Party itself is “religious,” at least in comparison to Israel’s “leftist” Labor Party…not to mention the Shas Party and the assorted “right wing” Israeli parties upon who the Likud Party invariably relies to rule Israel.

And them, of course, not to even mention the recently-deceased Gentile-hating Chief Sephardic orthodox rabbi of Israel, Ovadia Yosef, founder of the Shas Party. This chief rabbi said in one of his weekly sermons that God put non-Jews on earth as slaves “like donkeys” whose only purpose is to work for and serve Jews.

He also called for the open mass physical extermination—the murder, the genocide—of Palestinians and their children.






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