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My iPhone 5 will no longer play music without iCloud

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I upgraded my phone software recently and wondered what happened to my music. I did not think about it too much as I generally use that when I mow the lawn. Seeing as it is winter, I haven't noticed. Well, I decided to dig in and see WTF.

Since I've never enabled an iCloud account ( you no longer own your stuff if you do that, ever read the agreement?) my music got disabled. The icon is completely gone and the software kindly told me I could just re-download it. I did, and it informed me I needed an iCloud account to use it. They would hold all my music and would spoonfeed me on demand, and that would leave so much more room on my phone, how wonderful of them. All my music items are there, but now require me to be plugged in to get any use from it. No thanks! Aside from what happens if I am not at a wireless site or sucking my data plan... so nothing would be available, if you do not control it? Who do you think you are to tell me I can't hold my own cr@p? The new default was also all my photos get default stored to iCloud. Well, after a brief panic, I made sure that did not get an account set up. Dodged that bullet. But now I am pissed, ok?

Windows media player still works on my PC, although microsoft also wanted me to engage in a music service, which I was able to gently decline.

I still have winamp on my old PC in the garage, and will just use that for music. I used to love taking quick snaps with my iPhone, but now? I will have to be careful iCloud does not suddenly auto-enable with one of the upgrade user agreements. Sneaky rotten basturds, they do that with location services, and I always check it now to re-disable it....and they act like they are doing you a favor. Really, you are generating a data trail for them, and maybe even providing photos for marketing now.

Word of caution, don't get rid of your disks and players, even if you rip to drives. One day it might be the only way left to get tunes without a service.

My iPad still seems ok. It never had a data plan of it's own, so that might be what saved me.

Man I am steaming angry about this! I can't play computer games without steam or origin service, even though I have purchased the game disk, no music without cloud connectivity.. My happy hiney!

:nukeanimated:<<<I am just about that mad. Grrrrrrr

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I learned a long time ago. If you want music. Stick it on a stick. Play it via a non internet device... much better!

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They are never going to get me, I am just PO'ed at the sneaky way they tried. I can only imagine how may willingly just gave themselves over..

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7 hours ago, Uncle Thanky said:

So sad.

Have you tried the VLC Media Player?

It's my favorite, plays all sound files.

I will look into it, thanks Thanky!:D

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