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Germany Offers Migrants $3,500 To Leave Voluntarily

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Germany is offering rejected asylum seekers money to voluntarily return home as the government gets ready to deport Syrian migrants next summer.

The country’s interior ministry announced a scheme Saturday to give families up to 3,000 euros ($3,560) if they agree to leave. The program — titled “Your Country, Your Future, Now!” — will run through the end of February.

“If you decide by the end of February for a voluntary return, you will get in addition to first aid, a housing aid for the first twelve months in your country of origin,” Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told newspaper Bild am Sonntag.



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Please get out of my house, I'll give you money. :frantics:

And where's the proof they're actually from Syria?

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11 minutes ago, Cinnamon said:

Throw money at it after it's a problem... yeah that works. lol

Works just fine for the folks who planned the whole scam in the first place.

They knew perfectly well what would happen it you threw a bunch of savages into a civilized society.

More division, more hate, more crime, more HIV, more rape....... MORE CAHOS!!!!

And now where are they going to get the money to PAY these folks to move....??????

Let me take a wild guess... Borrow the money at interest from a Rothschild controlled central bank??

Who will pay the money and interest back?? Get out your wallet Mr. and Mrs. GOY.


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Why would they leave an endless supply of free money and support for a measly $3,500 to return to a war torn country that will need to be rebuilt from the bottom up?   They go home to no running water, no shelter, probably food is scarce, no plumbing, disease, and no electricity.  Sure !  Sign me up! 

They may be leeches and terrorists but you can hardly call them stupid.

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