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 rbear    240
"This base is now very important because it’s a major hub for most drone operations in northwest Africa"
VIEWED FROM HIGH ABOVE, Chabelley Airfield is little more than a gray smudge in a tan wasteland. Drop lower and its incongruous features start coming into focus. In the sun-bleached badlands of the tiny impoverished nation of Djibouti — whereunemployment hovers at a staggering 60 percent and the per capita gross domestic product is about $3,100 — sits a hive of high-priced, high-tech American hardware.

Satellite imagery tells part of the story. A few years ago, this isolated spot resembled little more than an orphaned strip of tarmac sitting in the middle of this desolate desert. Look closely today, however, and you’ll notice what seems to be a collection of tan clamshell hangars, satellite dishes, and distinctive, thin, gunmetal gray forms — robot planes with wide wingspans.


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from the article- "Unbeknownst to most Americans and without any apparent public announcement....." 

no public announcement that I know of, but documented in plans and budgets, which most americans believe they are too stupid to read and understand, so they don't. not a surprise to anyone that follows defense contracting even a tiny bit.

the real question is why build there? there are much better strategic options. look at global warming projection maps for the answer. nearly the entire continent of africa has been bought/leased by countries and corporations  

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