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Sidd Rex

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"You know I'll do anything to make you smile."

"I want to share all of our future together

Favorite Style: Spade
Role: The March Hare; The Bearer of Time
Likes: Traveling
Dislikes: Ambiguousness

The journey to retrieve time begins now.  There is nothing impossible in Wonderland, especially having this supportive man, Sidd besides you.

Chapter 1

Avatar Checkpoint

He really likes tea parties, huh
It's a bit lonely now...
Why don't we have some tea, as well?


Sugar Checkpoint

I like you too, Sidd
Flattery will get you nowhere
Are you calling me naive?

Chapter 2

A place where people gather


Avatar Checkpoint

I'm going, no matter what
I want to stay with Sidd

Chapter 3

I don't want to sleep
Thank you
I think I might be blushing...

I'll go with Sidd
Good luck with work, Sidd!
Hurry back, Sidd!

Chapter 4

There's no time for that
I'm fine
There's something important I have to tell you

Sugar Checkpoint

That doesn't make it okay!
I wonder if that's true...
If that is indeed what Isaac and the others want

Chapter 5

I didn't stop to think that you might have your own reasons
But it won't change how I feel

Mermaids?  I'd love to see them!
Will you take me with you?
...Thank you, Sidd


Avatar Checkpoint

Chapter 6

You're not very enthusiastic about my meeting the King?
Thank you, Sidd
Do you mean Alice's Home?


Because Isaac is someone very special to me
Because it's wrong
Because I can't just let it go

Chapter 7

It must have been hard for you, Sidd...
I'm not that nice
You've told me now, so it's okay

Sugar Checkpoint

I don't know

Chapter 8

I suppose to an extent...
Not really
Yes, we're the best of friends

Sugar Checkpoint

I won't give up either!
Sidd, you're serious, aren't you...?

Chapter 9

Since when?
You feel that way about me?


Are you jealous?
You're overreacting
You're the one I love, Sidd

Chapter 10

Let's go
Maybe we shouldn't go
I'll leave it up to you, Sidd

Like holding hands?
Like linking arms?
Like kissing?

Chapter 11

Well, excuse me...
There's a reason I won't give up
You're a coward


What if there's no exit?
...I really like you

Sugar Checkpoint

Chapter 12

You never said anything about that
Stop making decisions for me
So you came to warn me...


Sugar Checkpoint

I want to go with you, Sidd
Thank goodness
You were amazing

Chapter 13

I'm so happy now
I love Sidd

Yeah, it does
Not really
Stop teasing


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