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Is Jared Kushner a Trump loyalist or Kissinger protege?

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Reminiscent of the day when Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize without ever negotiating a single peace deal, Time magazine just named Jared Kushner among its '100 Most Influential People'. And it was none other than Henry Kissinger, 93, the fiercely criticized former US statesman, who penned the blurb that accompanied Jared's honorable mention. 

Kissinger, expert practitioner of the "strategic lie", says he first met Kushner "about 18 months ago, when he introduced himself after a foreign policy lecture I had given." The very next line strongly suggests that Kissinger is lurking in the shadows of the Trump administration. "We have sporadically exchanged views since." 

Really? That short sentence should have set alarms ringing. What exactly does Kissinger mean by "sporadically," and what is it that he and Jared discuss? Somehow I doubt the weather. And is Trump aware of the content of these "sporadic" conversations, or is he content to get the Cliff Notes courtesy of Kushner? 

Considering Henry Kissinger's extremely checkered past - for starters, he convinced Nixon to bomb Cambodia and Laos, and replace the democratically elected government of Chile with a brutal military dictatorship - these are no idle questions. And as it turns out, there is already some whiff of mischief in the air that directly involves Jared Kushner, and, indirectly or otherwise, Henry Kissinger. 



Article is dated 11/22/17 but is still relevant. Kissinger being in the picture always leads to death and destruction! Another one that needs to get off the stage! 


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