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Media refuses to tell the truth - that Flynn lied FOR ISRAEL.

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 snowball    527

MSNBC and CNN lead their viewers to believe this "Russian collusion" scandal involving Gen. Flynn
was about helping Trump get elected in exchange for pro-Russian policies, and Fox News is barely
covering the story at all... but while these 3 media titans present useless, vacuous hours-upon-
hours of political propaganda, what is the truth ?

The truth is that Flynn pressed Russia for favorable treatment of Israel, in regards to their
illegal settlements on Palestinian land.

Once again, the 1000 lb. gorilla in the room, "that of which ye shall not speak",
the Zionist Entity "doing-business-as" Israel - remains a taboo subject, beyond reproach
and always presented in the most flattering light by the Jewish media barons who
control all the storylines. Not one American television anchor or guest has mentioned
"the one thou shall not mention".

Here is the real news:

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 Automan63    2,863
4 minutes ago, snowball said:

The foreign agent Flynn was working for is Israel.

situation hopeless. America is a slave to world jewry.

Nothing is hopeless

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 Automan63    2,863
4 hours ago, snowball said:

if nothing is hopeless, then there is no hope either.

One is not hopeless, one chooses not to hope

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