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They open the first Restaurant of Human Meat in the World

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First of all, you won’t believe it. But, I am really confused to write it or not. A new restaurant hosted in the city of Tokyo, in Japan has announced it’s special menus which include Human Flesh. Eww, but true. Even the government has confirmed the restaurant’s legality. It sounds disturbing but is really true.

This totally shows the fierceness and unspeakable human nature which is not tolerable in this community. But the restaurant named “The Resoto ototo no shoku ryohin”, which means “Edible Brother” in English has proven so.


Sorry if you just had breakfast, if this is real it is quite disgusting !:holdinlaugh:

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14 minutes ago, Ukshep said:

Not sure this is real!??

The thought is real enough. If it’s not real then what is it? Programming? Testing public reaction?

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I think they will eat anything..............................ohh ohh I think i got a fake eyelash and nail in my order.............shhhh won't complain,then everybody will want one.

Going back to :hide2:in my corner


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2 minutes ago, Ric278 said:

You are going to bed without supper

Holds mouth open in shock.......................but not catching flies.............:oops:

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