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Genuine Bigfoot Photo

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Link to where the photo is from please? Or did you take the photo?

Actually that would make a great Halloween costume!

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I think that's an aunt on my fathers uncles, sisters cousins, mothers brothers, aunts uncle, nieces nephew, fathers side. Beard sure looks right.

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That's a still from the Patterson-Gimlin film.
It was shot in Bluff Creek, Ca. in 1967.
It's a hoax. 


Thirty-six years after the fact, Bob Heironimus’ conscience finally caught up with him: He confessed to having donned a gorilla costume and appearing in the famous 1967 footage of Bigfoot.
“It’s time people knew it was a hoax,” Heironimus told the Washington Post.

For decades, the grainy film clip has fueled study and speculation about the existence of a large mysterious creature in the Pacific Northwest.

“It’s time to let this thing go,” he told the paper. “I’ve been burdened with this for 36 years, seeing the film clip on TV numerous times. Somebody’s making lots of money off this, except for me. But that’s not the issue – the issue is that it’s time to finally let people know the truth.”

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2004/03/23657/#wtjsGfHdPpORIw8b.99


The Makeup Man and the Monster:
John Chambers and the Patterson Bigfoot Suit

The Patterson Bigfoot Film is arguably the most famous reel of strange phenomena-related film ever shot. It has been featured in numerous television shows and films and ads, on the covers of books and magazines, and now on web sites. The Patterson film has been one of the major pillars of belief in Bigfoot for the past 28 years. When people think of "Bigfoot," the creature in the film often comes to mind. Many have supported the film, some have criticized it, but generally the Patterson film is spoken of in reverential tones by Bigfoot aficionados.

There are long-standing rumors of a man in a suit in the Patterson film, but no investigator has ever tried to seriously investigate the rumors.

Until now.

Bigfoot aficionados have long held that--according to special effects experts--the creature in the Patterson film could not have been a man in a suit. On the contrary-many special makeup effects artists believe that the Patterson film depicts a costumed person.

In fact, for years it has been "generally known" in the Hollywood special effects makeup community that Academy Award® winning makeup artist John Chambers fabricated the suit in the Patterson Bigfoot film.

In 1967 Chambers created the makeup for Planet of the Apes, which was released in 1968. The Patterson film was allegedly shot on October 20, 1967.


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There isn't just one bigfoot, it's a condition called Hypertrichosis. Read all about it here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypertrichosis


Pretty interesting stuff. But this is probably the most likely explanation for the bigfoot sightings. Creepy to think about but there could be a society of folks living in nature that people don't know about it.

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I know they are real from when I lived in Florida for 10 months.
Heard these same sounds myself as my home was only 10 feet
away from a wooded swamp. My pitbull was deathly afraid of them.


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Do Indians have any folklore about Bigfoot?

Yes. Many tribes tell stories of the Sasquatch.

Native American Bigfoot Figures of Myth and Legend

Native Americans Reveal Secrets Of Bigfoot

I’ve discovered some very interesting articles written in “The Oregonian” 88 years ago on the subject of Bigfoot. Most articles of the time made light of Sasquatch sightings. The articles below reveal information about the creature we’re just beginning to understand. You’ll find in reading, be wary of these huge beasts. They can kill you.

These articles were inspired days after the famous account of a group of prospectors that were attacked by Sasquatches near Mount St. Helens. One of the miners had shot and killed one of the “Mountain Devils.” This happened July 10, 1924 at their claim on the Muddy River, about 8 miles Southeast of Spirit Lake. The account was the beginning of what would become Bigfoot lore. Who better to enlighten us about these elusive creatures than Native Americans who interacted with them, passing down their stories.


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