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The Planned AIDS Rape & Genocide Of The West

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The Planned AIDS Rape & Genocide Of The West

Hello Jeff  … It seems crystal clear to me that the reason so many Africans are being brought across the Mediterranean in those beyond-crowded rafts to rape and spread STDs - and especially AIDS - among European women, girls and little boys is to perpetrate White Genocide.  I believe the zionist globalists have the intention of wiping out an entire generation of young whites.   I also believe the judges and courts who let these savages go to rape again, have never once, that I have heard, forced a rapist to undergo medical screening for the sake of the victims.   The judges ACT like they want to spread AIDS among European peoples.  There is no other logical way to view their behavior.

I have mentioned the AIDS crisis in Europe before and how it is exploding in the white European community.  This is a DIRECT result of the above policies.  It is the inhuman, sub-human gang rapes that are doing the most damage.  All of these convicted rapists should be executed as being completely, irredeemably defective.  Every woman who is raped dies a spiritual death and many of them are getting a physical death sentence as well.  Murder is murder.

1  The invasion of AIDS-infected and TB-infected (among dozens of other diseases) is 100% planned 
2   The Fourth World cretins were given the mission of spreading death and disease, whether they realize it or not.
3.  This is why the UN and refugee organizations don't require 'refugees' to be screened for AIDS.  My guess is the doctors in the African countries who certify the savages as 'healthy' are knowingly sending AIDS and TB-infected rapists to Europe and America.
4.  The CDC is also complicit in this plot as they knowingly have been bringing Ebola, Marburg and other disease-infected savages to the US in their CDC BSL Ebola planes.  

THAT is the plot.   An invasion of BioWar human weapons of the most evil kind imaginable.  

I have sent various articles to back up my theory as proof. 

Europe is on alert now and is experiencing an AIDS crisis.  It is absolutely due to the rapes and gang rapes of white Europeans by African and Muslim savages.   

They want to be sure whites in the West suffer a massive genocide and agonizing die-off.  I hope to God I am wrong but the information I am finding backs up my theory.  Case numbers are not lying and the fact that gang rapists who are black African and or Arab Muslim are being let go to rape again tells the story.



Unfortunately I think she might be spot on with her theory.

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56 minutes ago, imimpressed said:

sounds racist. who brung aids to africa thru polio vaccine. hmmmm?

Same people who are bringing aids infected African's to Europe.

It is racist "they" want to wipe out (genocide) the white European race.

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9 minutes ago, abigfatzero said:

Same people who are bringing aids infected African's to Europe.

Yep. What would be just is for their country to become the target for invasion.

Guess who that is.

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