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Glitch In The Matrix: Watch NFL Player “Float” To His Feet After Diving For A Pass

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What's going on with this? LOL 

The following video captures Buffalo Bills receiver Zay Jones “floating” back to his feet after diving for a pass in the end zone.

We’re not sure whether it’s a feat of superhuman strength. 

A problem with the video feed itself or a glitch in the matrix that proves once and for all that our world is not what it seems, so we’ll let you decide:


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7 minutes ago, Square The Circle said:

Look up scorpion dance I believe it's called. It's just a dance move. Lots of video of people doing it.


Nope, not what he did. lol But they're similar. Maybe he's just better at it than the people in the vids. 

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1 minute ago, Square The Circle said:


Yes, he's using this exact same technique. 

Yeah I went back and looked at it closer, he's better at it than they are though. lol

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I just spent about 30 minutes studying this video.  Watch his right toe as it lifts up off the ground before touching the tip back down just before he rises.  It is not physically possible because he is only moving from his knee to his toe while his body has already stopped the momentum.  There is no physical momentum like in the scorpion move.

So I am stumped.  Someone should show this football player the video and get his thoughts.


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4 minutes ago, GT500 said:

Did you see that Dallas Cowboy throw the Illuminati sign after that touchdown tonight? 

Crazy demonic times for sure! 

What sign did he throw?

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