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Why the American economy is going down

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 AceMan    24

This is why the American Economy is going down...

Because the workers are being Underpaid, Overworked, Under Represented, and to be quite frank with you... Abused, Even with the Improvements in Quality, I don't think that the quality of a Mercedes Benz (which would beat the purpose of an economy car like Ford), is the issue...  I think that if Ford contracted with General Electric to produce its engines, and Lockheed Martin to produce the components... it wouldn't save Ford, or any other American car company.

Want to know why ?

Because to be honest with you, there is a Public Backlash against Ford, I think people are Angry with Ford, and the people OF the Ford Motor Company have their heads stuffed so far up their asses, that they don't get it.

They left Detroit and went to a Suburb called "Dearborn", and then they started using Robots instead of Paying people to use Power tools, And Importing inferior equipment from Mexico and China as if they don't care about our safety  (which they don't).


So I think that ford can advertise how they own work, how their trucks are  "Built Ford Tough", how much cleaner their engines are than what they used to be....  or how much power their vehicles have.. it's not going to matter, because that isn't the issue.

And if the people that run the company had 1 iota of a fuckin' brain... they would understand what they did to America...   They fucked up America.

That's what I think.

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 AceMan    24

There might also be a public anger against cars in general, because of Halliburton's oil rig business and the things that their CEO did.

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