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Catholic Spring

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"Did billionaire speculator George Soros, President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, and Obama/Clinton adviser John Podesta conspire to overthrow the conservative Pope Benedict XVI and replace him with a radical, Pope Francis? Did they use America’s intelligence agencies, and our nation’s diplomatic machinery, political muscle, and financial power to coerce and blackmail “regime change” in the Roman Catholic Church?

Far from being some wild conspiracy theory, there is sound prima facie evidence to indicate that this is a serious effort to expose a political scandal of the highest order, involving flagrant, criminal abuse of power at the top levels of the U.S. government. A group of respected Catholic lay leaders have sent a letter to President Donald Trump urging him to launch an official investigation into the activities of the above mentioned individuals (and others) who appear to have been involved in this alleged Vatican coup. They cite eight specific questions they seek to have answered concerning suspect events that led to the resignation of Pope Benedict, the first such papal abdication in 700 years."

The article heats up (again) at the end serving up a double delight  : former chairman of Goldman Sachs International Peter Sutherland


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Most outrageous theory I've seen in a while.  Not very far fetched either. 

Same week the pope resigned lightning hit the vatican and a large meteor hit Russia..if memory serves

I can't believe this article dates back to January..how does this stuff slip through the cracks?

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I’ve had a freind pushing Catholicism on me for years, told him in 4 different languages 

dude! I’m not Catholic, get over it! 

Did some light digging, horrified 

now I’m like I don’t even want to talk to this person 

read your Bible folks, it’s all in there 

everything you need to know! 

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