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Disadvantages that Europe has

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 AceMan    24

If you want to talk about disadvantages that Europe has in warfare.... here's a debating strategy more likely to succeed than trying to attack Europe's technology and Economics :)


1. The attitude of Modern day Europe is absolutely nothing like it was, their hardcore conservatives are further to the left than Barrack Obama, they aren't quite as Vile and disgusting and dehumanizing of other people as the USA's redneck motherfuckers...  the "GOP", and Europe is now more than 50 years ahead of the USA in terms of Liberties, and Civil Rights....  

Those are qualities that doesn't sit still very long in Warfare.

2. More than 90 % of Europe's tax revenues goes to the European People..... that affects its productivity, as the personal motivation to work is less, because the consequences of not working are far less Dire.

3. The European Media would cry the blues about how inhumane the European's Military is, if it were to actually win a battle, INSTEAD of saying     "Whoo hoo, we did it, we made 5 Double Aces".... because the media is ridiculous and that would lessen morale.

And Joining the Military is a personal quality rarely witnessed.

4. Europeans are far more self absorbed than Americans, generally speaking...  and that is not a quality best suited for the Military.

Those are points ABOUT Europe that should be put out there.


How important is personality ?   As important as anything else is.

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