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Could North Korea disrupt 2018 Winter Olympics by attacking civilians?

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According to a report by Unity Resources Group (a private military and security consulting company), potentially dangerous activity of North Korea is the main threat to the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. Analysts consider that Kim Jong-Un will try to disrupt the PyeongChang Games with an attack against civilians from among representatives of national teams. Teams of the USA and its allies are at most risk.


Rising tensions in relations between the USA and the DPRK receive special attention in the report. Donald Trump's tactless approach as he threatened to "totally destroy North Korea"; the Pentagon's plans to invade the DPRK and destroy its nuclear facilities; the US naval and air exercises, as well as, training drills on protection of the US Embassy personnel along with measures for evacuation of their families: all of the mentioned actions only provoke an exaggerated violent response from Pyongyang, which has declared that the Korean peninsula "is on the eve of explosion".


Unity Resources Group's experts point out that although the threat of terrorism is a global problem, the risk to visitors attending the Games is relatively low. To execute an explosive mass casualty attack would be next to impossible, while there is a good chance you get under a truck's wheels, especially on the streets leading to the stadium.  


In general, next February's visit to PyeongChang for both athletes and their supporters may be life threatening. People who are getting tickets for the Olympics plan their trips at their own risk. In the evolving security situation described above, no one can guarantee them total security.

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