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Chinese satellite closes in on dark matter mystery

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 Cinnamon    27,680

BEIJING: Scientists have detected cosmic ray energy readings that could bring them closer to proving the existence of dark matter, a mysterious substance believed to comprise a quarter of our universe, a study said Thursday (Nov 30).

Likely made up of unknown sub-atomic material, dark matter is invisible to telescopes and can be perceived only through its gravitational pull on other objects in the universe.

Beijing's first astronomical satellite launched two years ago detected 1.5 million cosmic ray electrons and protons, the study said, and unprecedented measurements found curiously low-energy rays.

The team of researchers from China, Switzerland and Italy, who published their first results in the journal Nature, said the data may cast light on "the annihilation or decay of particle dark matter".

"This new unseen phenomena can bring breakthroughs," Bai Chunli, president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said at a briefing.


More and more talk about dark matter is creeping into the news. 

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 Ukshep    24,322
2 hours ago, Malevolent said:

We also have issues with dark matter, but don't suppose it's the same... :angel:  ((TIC))

They say... theorize in some circles that dark matter generates a dark vibe around it causing chaos in close proximity. The kind of thing you would attribute to demonic things....

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 FlhxsGeek    65

This is interesting because there has been a recent surge in physics publications dismissing the existence of Dark matter.  Much of the previous hypothesis regarding dark matter is now being proven to be due to electric/magnetic phenomenon.  

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