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Europe, Russia team up to colonize Moon

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The recent flood of migrants has the nations of Europe ready to colonize space. lol It says something when the natives would rather live on an atmosphericless rock than earth. All joking aside, I hope they succeed. Going to the moon for a vaccation was always a kiddy dream of mine. Be nice to see it achieved in my lifetime. Specially since we were promised Mars colonies by now. And jet packs. >.> 

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Only in Fantasyland folks!

Total propaganda bullshet.

Man has never set foot on the moon.

Not even close!

Forget Mars or any other planet.

The only evidence comes from...

All together now...

Never A Serious Answer (NASA)!

A totally corrupt criminal organization which has stolen an unaccounted for number of tax dollars over decades.

NASA lies.

Plain and simple.

Oh well.

Maybe some will run into Ming or Buck Rogers someday.

On a :padllbli: movie set!



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