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Stargate SG7 Posted at this link http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1040809/pg1




I'm an encryption expert and while I do understand the head honchos 

in Langley, VA'n'Ft Meade, MD can easily get the source IP address 

of this email ID from CL-i'm still gonna go ahead with the description 

of what I found. 





I got a recent anonymously sourced, extrememly large encrypted 

text file of hex numbers on a series of large flash memory cards 

-also AES encrypted-which contains a message hinting at a possible 

key combination-Because the message indicated the file was a 

bit-by-bit copy of a FAT32 hard disk image of a specific brand 

and type of hard disk, I immediately knew of the content's 

plaintext and the position of certain pieces of that plaintext 

content-Statistical analysis supposedly says that Advanced 

Encryption Standard has a uniform randomization of 

plaintext-however that isn't quite true because of 

shiftbox blocking length which allows me to find and 

narrow down my search for specific plaintext within 

the length of the shiftbox-so bingo-five weeks later 

i've got a true decrypt key of a FAT32 drive image 

which I mounted as a virtual drive! 







It's not the only video but it IS one of the most important ones 

because it shows how long "The Truth" really has been known 

by some governments and personnel. 


It is telecine transfer of 22mm film-NO-NOT 16mm film but 

22mm instead-which is an obscure film type not often used 

except for technical documentation 

purposes in the 40's and 50's. 


The start of the video contained a hand written piece 

of paper used as a block lettered slate using a possibly 

chalk or carbon blacktype stick which was used to 

write exactly the text like this: 


18 November 1947 



R H Hillenkoetter 

D S Fahrney 



The opening shot is of a recognizable President Harry S. Truman 

wearing an old-style business suit standing with some men in a 

group who are obviously high-level military uniformed personnel 

in full sharp view looking at some forms lying on what seems to 

be planks of wood on a concrete floor in a warehouse or

hangar like structure. 


The camera is handheld at this point and pans from the 

group of men to the bodies on the floor which seem naked 

with no obvious clothing. 







The camera goes to a tripod steady shot and has obvious prime-lens 

based-no zoomable lens-closeups, medium shots and wide angle views. 

It is obvious the lens is being changed often and goes from 

handheld to tripod. 


A wider shot of the bodies shows them to seem human-like but 

there are definitely differences physically and they are quite a 

bit smaller-i'd say around 4 foot 6 inches tall-or 137 cm for you 

Euros-with large muscular thighs for their size and larger but 

still round caucasoid looking eyes! 


A new shot with the Camera was placed to a full view of

the arms that were longer than humans proportionally 

and with normal if thin digits and an odd shaped 

opposable thumb-sort of like an orangutang's. 


The next shot detailed a semi-closeup of a normally 

proportioned neck attached to a muscular looking 

shoulder with a largish elongated bald upper head 

but normally proportioned chin and mouth. 

Eyes were large but still Caucasoid round. 

Did not see eyelashes or eyebrows with 

smallish and dainty looking nose without 

the usual bottom of nose flareouts. 


Another shot showed a well formed torso with 

no obvious bony portrusions, smooth and fit looking 

no belly button obvious. Next shot was of a wider 

view shot of a whole humanoid form that looked 

muscular in build and not obese. 


It looked flexible as the knee, ankle and elbow 

joints looked smooth with no large bony portrusions. 

Small but powerful looking being. 


A semi-closeup of the mouth was taken which was semi-closed 

in an O-shape and saw no obvious teeth within the hole 

due to camera angle and distance from subject. 


A closeup of rubber-like plasticky skin-not clothing- 

of a fully naked person was hand-held panned down the

entire length of the body. I noticed in the pubic area 

what I call minor genitalia that seems human-looking 

but definitely smaller. 


The camera was panned to a steady and tight prime lens 

shot of a smoothish testicular sack-not wrinkled like human 

man-that looked more like large bumps rather than the usual 

hanging sack. Penile appendage looked more like a smooth 

thin stick very like a dog's penis but without the hair. 


Another semi-closup shot of the Feet looked small 

but normally proportioned with tiny dainty toes 

and no obvious big toe like a human would have. 

The other toes were similar in size. 

Nearly flatfooted with only a small arch. 

Could not see the back of the body. 




Next shot was of a metallic-like debris placed beside the bodies 

on display on a small old-fashioned breakfast table with metal legs. 

A man in a service uniform grabbed a tinfoil-like piece and 

began crushing the metal like it was paper into a ball and 

I saw it spring back to it's original shape without damage! 

-that's called a shape memory metal aka Nitinol. 


The camera was panned-on a tripod obviously-to another 

breakfast table where I saw a helmet-headband similar to 

a modern VR helmet display or fighter jet pilot-type face

shield-sun visor-a long thin cable came out of the visor 

and went to a wiring type harness similar to what I see 

in the back of car stereos-I recognize the multiple strands 

based upon a closeup that obviously used a near-field 

focus prime-lens to film an array of connectors used 

for and then strands of what looks like shards of 

unshielded fibre optic cables broken off from 

that connector array. 


Another camera pan showcased an assembly of plastic-like 

larger intact casings that had arrays of fibre-optic cables 

coming out of them. One of the long strands was intact 

and consisted of a thin shielded cable plugged into a 

plastic-looking strip that had attached to it, a large 

cracked-shattered piece of very thin bendable plastic 

film which to me looked like a flexible LCD screen. 


The camera was pan & tilted to other objects on the 

breakfast table, showing another larger plastic casing 

quite a bit larger than a man's clenched fist with what 

I counted were more than 10 fibre optic cables coming 

out of it and this casing was cracked in half with a very 

light, airy looking gel-like substance jiggling around in it.

-possible hydrophobic silicon or carbon aerogel?- Here, 

the prime lens was changed and camera moved in 

for a closer look. 

Read the rest here

Edited by Ukshep
Shortened to 50% of original post and source link added

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Very interesting.

Read the thread at the link,  several pages of discussion. Very interesting indeed. 

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but it's on ats. how much ad revenue has ats made since this latest 'revelation' just happened to be posted where nobody exposes anything?

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but it's on ats. how much ad revenue has ats made since this latest 'revelation' just happened to be posted where nobody exposes anything?

That's my main concern. I don't trust ATS as far as I could throw an elephant.

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Well,  the thread was closed for review,  over a year ago.  My thoughts are,  Stargate really did find the text on a Craigslist rant and rave forum like he said,  the text itself is pretty much outstanding.  He was accused of writing it himself, but denoed it to the end.  As far as the breaking of rhe encryption goes,  everyone on the thread agreed it xould be done as stated.  Is the tezt real?  Is foxfire real?  Who knows.  Good reading nonetheless.  Do I believe it?

Maybe.   Roll Hard People.  

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