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Sunday-morning boom heard over Birmingham area

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 Cinnamon    22,993

Another unexplained loud boomwas heard over the Birmingham area Sunday morning, the latest in a series that has defied explanation.

Meteorologist James Spann retweeted a number of reports from people in the Birmingham area who reported hearing one or two booms around 7:30 a.m. Sunday. Reports came from Mountain Brook, Forest Park and other areas.



And still no explanations of these sounds. 

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 Curenado    966

I thought these were all pre-quake "pops" as crust builds tension? 

I mean, its supposed to go boom boom then shake and shiver down?.......they act like they are ignorant of what is happening? Loud noises will continue, getting bigger, until reaching surface, then screaming and running away, no gas pipes intact. That's about it? 

You wonder if they only wish they could say it was the alien god coming, on a saucer built under new mexico.....

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We have those booms in southeastern NC once in a while, I've experienced them twice. It shook the house and rattled the windows both times. Some people call them the "Seneca Guns". But, I've been told by some "in the know", so to speak, that it is simply the military detonating and blowing up old munitions (we have several bases around here), and just no one talks about it. Not sure if that's what's happening in Alabama, but it's entirely possible.

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