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Does Crop Formation T367 Point To October & December 2015?

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On June 26, 1995 a crop formation appeared in Cheesefoot Head (on the old Longwood estate), England, apparently depicting the inner solar system, including the asteroid belt. Many researchers, crop circle experts and otherwise, have done extensive studies on this crop formation which was code named T367, but often simply referred to as “The Solar System”.

While all these researchers have been focussing on finding a matching date for the positions of the planets shown, i.e. Mercury, Venus and Mars, apparently they failed to see that Mars' orbit is not correctly depicted as shown by its points of perihelion and aphelion relative to those of the inner planets. In fact, it appears that Mars' orbit is almost flipped around. Therefore, astronomically, there can never be a single date matching the positions of all three planets.

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