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Black Mirror - Arkangel

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 AztlanRising    496
1 hour ago, Ukshep said:

yeeeeah.... weird!

[2.5 mins] BLACK MIRROR is a really whacked-out modern-day version of The Twilight Zone with bits of Outer Limits thrown in....... dramatizes medically implanted chip memory augmentation, life in a Huxley-esque Brave New World [Order] Agenda 2030™ micro-room controlled existence plus lotsa other fuqqed-up futures, like social-rating deployment gone overboard/wrong, etc. My take? Since the name of the series is the medium with which dark folks conjure evil demons, I think this "program" is those dark PTB trying to pre-program the masses with a future they'd love to conjure up....... :scary::alien::hiding: [damn if it ain't super-watchable tho']

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