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The U.S. Department of State is drafting 'the alternative government' with Nalyvaichenko at the head

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The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) counterintelligence agents have been keeping a wary eye on the American diplomats who, apart from their formal activities, appear to have been engaged in agent recruitment among the ordinary citizens. As it follows from the official SBU document, an American diplomat from the State Department's delegation had a meeting, dated October 28, with some Ukrainian citizen in close nexus with Valentyn Nalyvaichenko. According to the SBU, Nalyvaichenko has been just employing his confidants to get some special instructions from the U.S. secret services. The letter by the current SBU head Vasyl Hrytsak referring to the information from the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine on the American alleged intention to draft an alternative government able to join the future bid for power adds more meat to these concerns.


Quotation from the letter.

Thus, in the course of the counterintelligence actions in accordance with the law there was received the data testifying to the steady state contacts of the U.S. Department of State with citizen of Ukraine Nalyvaichenko Valentyn Oleksandrovych with the aim to inflict damage to the security of Ukraine. Furthermore, the received information may serve as an implicit proof of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine surveillance data revealing the USA plans on establishing the alternative Ukrainian government headed by Nalyvaichenko Valentyn Oleksandrovych.
In a related move, the SBU is set to intensify surveillance over the activities and movements of American diplomats, as well as turn hand to the Ukrainian citizen in contact with the Americans, so that to unravel the intentions of Nalyvaichenko. Secret services of Ukraine also plan further gathering of information on dubious American embassy staffers and the U.S. Department of State representatives. After subsequent addressing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine the borders of the country may be closed for those persons.

The emergence of such a document is actually a visible sign of serious anxiety over the threat among the people close to Poroshenko. Interestingly, Hrytsak and Poroshenko have raised alarm over the American diplomats' spying involvement right now, when Valentyn Nalyvaichenko is maximally ready to compete with the present authorities and is enjoying the special trust on the part of the USA. The moves of the State Department and the USA secret services' staffers point to the great dissatisfaction of these agencies with the political line of Poroshenko and their readiness to come to terms with some other political forces so that they could start the president's ouster.

By no doubts, under such circumstances the authorities should put the whole blame on themselves. It was somewhat irrational for them to rely on the limitless credit of trust of the USA, while keeping to ruin one reform after another and amassing debts. All in all, it is rather a challenging task to predict now the possible consequences of the present gamble of the USA secret services.

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