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 AceMan    24

My niece, Kate just sent me an E mail trying to tell me what PETA has to say about Monkeys being kept as pets.

I told her that I don't care what PETA has to say, PETA is an extremist group that would have me walking around bare assed, naked, homeless and hungry if they had their way, and we would be the ones living at the Zoo, while the Animals feed us peanuts and bananas, if PETA had their way.

Second of all, my Barbary Macaque is thriving, it recently reproduced  (naturally I will also add), and its also happy, and it eats well... better than I do sometimes... and It has never been used for "Studies" in a "Laboratory".

Its well taken care of, it has Trees in the back yard that it plays in, and it wants my attention.

What PETA needs to do is STFU.

They're not the government, and even if they were they would soon be OUT of office.. What they are, is a bunch of ROYAL, pain in the fuckin' BALLS, cuntbag, meddling tyrannical hippie extremists funded by Hollywood...

Now if you want to know if my monkey is okay... Go call the Humane Society... THEY are the men.

I'll show them my Permits and Licenses, and its diet, and the monkey's health, and Vet records,  And they'll say  "Have a nice day", now Stop Harassing me right now, or I will call the police on you for Harassment.

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