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Scary Encounters With the Evil Gnomes of Central and South America

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This is just a really interesting read I thought. So posting to share! It's a lot of info at the link. These 2 paragraphs are 20% maybe!

The world of strange sightings and encounters can cover some vast territory, ranging from ghosts, to aliens, to fantastical creatures of all shapes and sizes. Yet among these there is one category that seems to hold its own unique brand of bizarreness and which really seems hard to adequately categorize; that of goblins, trolls, gnomes, and other beings taken straight out of a fairy tale. Reports such as these take this label of things such as gnomes quite literally, with descriptions of diminutive beings complete with little lederhosen clothing, beards, and wide brimmed pointed hats. There is a surprisingly large number of such encounters out there, and one region of the world where they seem to be particularly abundant is Central and South America, where not only do gnome sightings come in at a regular pace, but also tend to be rather frightening.

While the idea that there might actually be little gnomes complete with tall hats running around out there in the world might seem insane, such legends come to us from many regions of the world, and one area of our planet that takes such stories very seriously is Central and South America, where they are known as the Duendes, which are prominent in the folklore of Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Central and South America, and many Spanish speaking regions. In lore, these forest dwelling creatures are typically described as standing anywhere from around 18 inches up to 2 or 3 feet in height, and are most commonly depicted as wearing wide brimmed pointy hats and cloaked in animal skins. Some traditions describe them as having no thumbs, and they are often attributed with magical powers such as shape changing and invisibility. The stories of Duendes vary from region to region, but they are mostly said to be mischievous tricksters with a tendency to steal from people or play pranks, and they particularly enjoy tormenting young children, although they do apparently sometimes show a more benevolent side by helping travelers lost in the woods.


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We got a little people in our kitchen for the past 2 weeks though it was a mouse but no tail and its more the size of a chipmunk caught glimpses of it knocks down cups and crawls\ runs bipedal its a brownie in Arizona mountains.

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