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PICS: Forest Ranger Spots Hidden Cabin In Woods, Finds Creepy Mystery Inside

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1 hour ago, ldld911 said:

Great story, saw that typewriter and thought of the Unabomber.

Or thoreau? Who was it that had a porch/cabin in marvel cave and used to go there to write?

Bombers and politicians directing them aside, perverts not withstanding, it would be great if it turned out to be some little refuge one of the endangered species of sapiens resorts to.

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There' lots of cabins in the woods like this one up here .we use them as we.up spots while out riding 

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1 hour ago, Dometheus said:

:trolll: I am a Mountain person by heart.

:snowt:Love the winters, Springs, Fall and summer here in Idaho. You can fish, hunt and survive off the grid very easily.

Our family loved to go camping and in order for us to eat, we need to catch food or find barries. We loved the challenge growing up. (There was food in the tent, camper and eventually a motorhome If we needed it) We would first gather wood, make a fire and then go fishing for dinner.

When I grew up I wanted to just walk into the forest and build a home and live. I just wanted to test my survival skills and maybe build a small house (like the one in the article) and go there once in a while to get away from it all.

:nodl:  Then I was introduced to homesteading and Squatters rights and I was overjoyed. 1 year later they changed the law here making it illegal for us to ever do that. I was devastated, no walk-about and just chill with nature and life... Turns out all states did this for future generations to enjoy the National Forrest. WTF???

:grumph:Future generations to enjoy? I wanted to go way off the grid, 50 miles into the wilderness and future generations are going to enjoy that? Why have they cut off our access to our God-given rights to live on this planet? Are the National Forests an asset for some overseas dirty deals? WTF is going on... Animals, insects and nature can go and be anywhere they want.

Keep the Human animals in the city to keep making money for the Machine! That's why. Makes me sick we put up with all their Bullsh*t.

City Slickers,    

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Sky cat, dude, that video was totally hilarious. I miss Mad tv. Have a good day in good ole Sud Afrika. I really wish I had immigrated to that country when was I was a teen. Such a gorgeous country. 

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