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PSA 182 / 911 - Fun With Numbers

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 Fishticon    51

PSA 182 just popped into my head again for some reason. (It does from time to time despite not being old enough to hear about it on the news, and I don't live near where the accident happened, or have any connection to it at all). For though who don't know; Flight PSA 182 was a Boeing 727-214 commercial airliner that collided with a private Cessna 172 over San Diego, California, at 9:01 am on Monday, September 25, 1978. The commercial airliner crashed to the ground in a residential area.

Anyway, I was thinking about the numbers, and then this came to mind...

144 people were killed on the flight PSA 182.
1 + 4 + 4  = 9
1 + 8 + 2 = 11

Maybe 911 is just something that is tied up with American plane crashes.
Maybe it's just a weird coincidence.
..But I just had to get it out there.

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