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WATCH: Russia tests new missile system - that works in outer space

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 Ukshep    19,871

Tests were held at the Sary-Shagan training ground in Kazakhstan. The anti-missile system successfully hit all the targets.

The system is part of the aerospace forces and will be positioned to protect Moscow from air and space attacks. Among its tasks is to work in conjunction with the missile attack warning system and the control of such, in outer space.

Earlier, it was speculated that Moscow has the technology that can re-program the coordinates of any detected missile, and direct it back to the sender, as well as unleash its own. This has never been seen on video. 


Anyone else finding it interesting that there seems to be a focus on space weapons or weaponry in general being space capable right now...?

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 markovian    44

wait what ... redirect rockets back ... whoever thought of that must not have a idea what it takes to turn one around .... forget the rest the volocity of one cant just turn around


as for the defence systems they have to be 1 step ahead and 4 in propaganda ...


and we cant weaponise space but if its defensive it is not a weapon ... clever one

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