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John Galt

Is 14-legged killer squid found TWO MILES beneath Antarctica being weaponised by Putin?

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One crew member said that they saw the creature change its form to that of a human diver and with this ability, there is no wonder that it has been kept a secret. The witness to this was said to have been killed by the creature as it fooled him into thinking that it was just one of the crew members. This led to the crew capturing the creature and putting it into a tank. They used a woman who had incredible abilities and techniques for defending herself. The Russian scientists said that they took the creature so that they could look into the capabilities of it along with the venom. At the moment what else might be hiding away underneath the ice in Antarctica is still a secret. 



Doctor Anton Padalka claims he was part of a Russian scientific expedition to a subterranean lake in the Arctic that discovered the terrifying creature - known as Organism 46-B. 

He said their discovery at Lake Vostok was covered up by Russian officials who are now looking at ways to weaponise and breed the deadly squid - with potentially devastating effects. 

Dr Padalka said the squid, which was discovered in a fresh water lake trapped beneath two miles of ice, possessed an array of weapons and was responsible for the deaths of at least two of his scientific colleagues on the expedition. 

The 33 foot-long man-eater also boasts extraordinary camouflage that helped it stalk the researchers - including shape-shifting.



This specifically is a new one for me :gsbrnint:

Unpinned, it is old. Also looking like a hoax, I can't find much on 'Anton Padalka'. Curious that it was posted on RT though.

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15 minutes ago, John Galt said:

looking at ways to weaponise

I hate that this is always the primary focus of scientific discovery.  The military ALWAYS gets first dibs.   :grumph:

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