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David Cassidy’s last words

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 Dometheus    351

My father’s last words were “So much wasted time”.


I Was in a Tree Planting accident in 82 and a motorcycle wreck in 85, both times I flatlined and left my body. I remember(as this world was fading away) "I have more that needs to be done} and "why did I waste my life". Those words and what I felt and saw convinced me that my work was not finished here. :nodl:

:kermit:Since then I have had a Son who is a chip off the old block, not married and concentrating on his first time out in the world by himself (focused). I also have a Daughter and three granddaughters and could not be happier. My wife has 6 kids (all out of the house except 1 he's 13) and could not be happier with how my life turned out.

I owned a business for 20 years, WOrked in Television and MOvies for 15 and now enjoy playing with my youngest granddaughter at Thanksgiving,I was exhausted but the memory will last me forever. My son also requested that I start writing down all the stories of my colourful life for my grandkids and others to enjoy after I am gone.

Just hit a cord hearing those words and thought I would share.

End of Line...

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