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3D printing used to make first real handheld railgun, which fires plasma projectiles at 560 mph

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 DarkKnightNomeD    1,595

This is so cool =3 - Check out the Videos

3D printing used to make first real handheld railgun, which fires plasma projectiles at 560 mph


Read the rest of the article in the link above.

If you think the image above looks frightening, you’re right. The crazy contraption pictured in the image is the first portable railgun, a futuristic projectile launcher associated most commonly with the military or NASA. The man in the image above isn’t in the military, and he’s not a NASA engineer. Instead, he’s a civilian who used some engineering smarts, some widely available parts and a 3D printer to create a functioning weapon that can fire graphite, aluminum, tungsten and even plasma projectiles at speeds of more than 560 mph.

And then there’s the best part: There are videos of this homemade railgun in action.

Little is known about Imgur user “NSA_Listbot” beyond the fact that he’s just short of being a wizard with AutoCAD and a 3D printer. The man took to Imgur over the weekend to share what may very well be one of the most amazing and terrifying DIY projects that has even been attempted. And he didn’t just attempt it, he built it.

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 rbear    240

I would suggest the images on Imgur be backed up because I posted lots of them in the past that eventually were deleted for no reason.

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 Guitar Doc    1,206

Doesn't mention what type of 3D printer he has.


I have a 3D printer, 200mm by 200mm by 200mm print capacity. An Evolution, I have upgraded a lot of parts myself which is pretty typical of the 3d printing scene.

You can make your own and have whatever size print bed you like as long as you can eliminate Rail Sag.


Doesn't mention what type of plastic he is using either. There are a lot of composite plastic now and ones that can be treated to be even harder after printing, not to mention resin printers.


Liked the Lockheed one which duplicated parts out of titanium. Not so much a printer, more an etcher.


Combining a plastic printer with a lathe and milling machine you can make a lot of things at home.



Pretty sure you can find home made rail guns on this site.


Damn  cool site.


This article is interesting


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