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John Galt

'Shocking Ignorance': U.S. Jewish Leaders Lambaste Israeli Deputy Minister Who Said American Jews Have It Easy

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 John Galt    982


Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely faces outcry and calls for her ouster by leaders of American Jewry in response to her remarks on Israeli television Thursday, when she said U.S. Jews lead "convenient" lives and don't serve their country. Responding to the backlash, Hotovely posted a video to her Facebook page - in Hebrew - in which she tried to clarify her position, but stopped short of apologizing.  
Union for Reform Judaism President Rick Jacobs said that Hotovely's comments "reached a new low" in the "litany of Israeli government actions denigrating the rights and importance of diaspora  (non-zionist) Jews.

"If an American politician had made these comments, we would not hesitate to call them out as anti-Semitic," Jacbos said in a statement. "At a minimum they evidence a shocking ignorance."

U.S. Jews have been here before her and will be here after her. They don't need lessons from her, not on loving Israel and not on who is considered to be a Jew. Mrs. Hotovely should not hand out grades to U.S. Jews regarding their loyalty to Israel," Shai added. 
Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak took to Twitter calling Hotovely's firing. "Hotovely - arrogant and ignorant. U.S. Jews send their children to fight, some have fought themselves. How dare she preach, when she herself hasn't served," he wrote


Oy Vey! Can't have one of their own slipping up!

Must be a hard job printing our money. :cry1:



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