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Church of Sweden Sets New Gender Neutral Rules: God Will No Longer Be Called “He” or “Lord”

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 Cinnamon    27,650

The Church of Sweden set new rules regarding language to make the church more inclusive. The Church is urging clergy to use gender-neutral language and refrain from terms like “Lord” and “him.”

Last year Swedish lesbian bishop Eva Brune proposed removing crosses and Christian symbols from her church to make it more inclusive.



 Just when you think... oh never mind!  :facepalm-hand-gesture-smiley-emoticon:

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 abigfatzero    3,527

The Gnostic Apostle Thomas:"Twin" of Jesus

When the Two Become One

The Gnostic Apostle Thomas: Chapter 24

Saying 22 of the Gospel states most vividly and fully the recurrent theme. Jesus sees infants being suckled. He tells his disciples that these infants are like those who enter the kingdom. "Shall we then," they ask, "as children, enter the kingdom?" This prologue calls to mind, of course, the familiar saying from the canon: "Suffer the little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

"Little children," however, became a code-word for the Gnostic elect, who, like them, were or ought to be free of carnal attachments, living lives undistracted by allurements of the flesh. (In three other Sayings, Jesus refers to those who will find the kingdom as "children.")

"Male and Female into a Single One"

The main interest of Saying 22, however, lies in what follows the disciples' question. Jesus replies: "When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner as the outer, and the upper as the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male shall not be male, and the female shall not be female: . . . then you will enter [the kingdom]."

The theme of two-in-oneness appears repeatedly in Gnostic literature. Three variations on it come from the Acts of Judas Thomas . In addition to Mygdonia's words, already quoted, we might remember that her husband Karish dreams of the eagle that snatches up two partridges and two doves. The following morning he is puzzled when he puts his left shoe on his right foot. In Thomas's long prayer before his martyrdom, he recites his efforts to carry out his mission, and says: "The inside I have made outside, and the outside [inside], and thy whole fullness has been fulfilled in me."

In the apocryphal Acts of Peter , to explain why he is being crucified upside down, Peter says: "Concerning this the Lord says in a mystery, 'Unless you make on the right hand as what is on the left and what is on the left hand as what is on the right and what is above as what is below and what is behind as what is before you will not have knowledge of the kingdom.'"

A writing traditionally called 2 Clement , possibly from second-century Egypt, is an anti-Gnostic preaching. (The document is usually paired in later collections with a letter from Pope Clement I in Rome to the church in Corinth, called l Clement , although there no connection in date or origin or subject matter between the two texts). It quotes, as coming from "the master himself," the saying "When the two shall be one, and the outside as the inside, and the male with female neither male nor female," but strips it of mystical meaning and gives it a bland interpretation more palatable to anti-Gnostic Christians.

Here, says the writer in 2 Clement , the two are one when we speak truth to each other; the inside is the soul and outside the body, and we should let the soul be evident in good works just as the body is visibly evident. As for "the male with the female," it simply means that a Christian brother should not think of a sister-Christian as female, nor the sister think of him as a male. "When you do these things, he says, my father's kingdom will come."

The most interesting thing about the passage from 2 Clement is the obvious effort to counteract a Gnostic interpretaton of a saying that was acknowledged by the writer to be the authentic words of Jesus.

The so-called Gospel of Philip (one of the Gnostic, probably Valentinian, texts found at Nag Hammadi) says that light and darkness, life and death, right and left, "are brothers of one another, they are inseparable."

The core message of the Gospel of Thomas appears in Saying 22 and the other logia that ring changes on the theme of two-becoming-one, looking back toward the androgynous unity that existed before the diversity found in worldly creation. Sayings 11, 16, 22, 61, 87, 106, and 114 bear on this theme of unity, and some readers find a similar message in sayings that give the "solitary" or "single one" a special status. Some, who agree that the two-becoming-one theme is at the heart of the Gospel, regard it principally as part of an early baptismal rite. It can be seen. as a dramatization of "the initiate's putting off the body, putting on light, and returning to sexual oneness"--to the androgynous primal Adamic human being. It was, in this view, a mystery rite ensuring the initiate of oneness with God and with one's heavenly mate.

Eros and Androgynes




Its Origins In Pagan Magic And Mysticism




Here is an excerpt from the Jewish Encyclopaedia on Kabbalism:


"The Kabbalists developed a form of Jewish Magic. Demonology . . .  occupies an important position in the works of many Kabbalists; for the imps are related to those beings that are generally designated as demons, being endowed with various supernatural powers and with insight into the hidden realms of lower nature, and even occasionally into the future and the higher spiritual world. Magic may be practised with the help of these beings, the Kabbalists meaning white magic in contrast to the black arts."


We Jews today are well and truly having the wool pulled over our eyes if we are fooled into thinking that Kabbalah comes from Judaism.


In the 21st century, Kabbalah has been sanitised and window-dressed to give it some kind of respectability. We are given selected quotes to make us think it is innocent, but at its origin and core it is nothing more than a mediaeval attempt to blend pagan philosophy, magic and superstition with Jewish mysticism.


The nature of Kabbalah


The Zohar claims that Kabbalah is hidden wisdom, and that good and evil are equal and opposite forces. This is pure Gnosticism.



The one world religion is taking shape.............

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 Dometheus    386

I am glad to be 55, at my age I have fewer years ahead of me than behind me. All these religious wars, terrorism, false flag operations, :slap: psyops and a million other reasons that contribute to the downfall of civilisation as we know it today.

I actually feel sorry for all the people being born over the next 50 years, what kind of a world are we handing them? A world that fell into a bucket of Sh*t is what. We all b*tch, but no one wants to go out of the comfort zone(well few do) and try and fix things.

No one wants to get bean bagged back into the free speech zone that's why.
:getoutl:People can't afford to lose jobs, houses and the comforts around them.

We are on the edge today, the edge of an abyss that I doubt we can backtrack from. Its like we are teetering on the edge and it could :hide2:happen at any time...


Time to cheer back up after that.  :nodl:


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 WhiteHorse    601

Do what thou wilt, for that is the whole of the law

Thats not Gods Law.

if God has let you live this long you have a chance to repent and get right with your maker. DO IT! . This is not a suggestion. 

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 apache54    5,738
10 hours ago, God Man said:

It feels like the whole planet is under attack lately.  :pulling-hair:

YES, it does and that is because it is!! total insanity! :pulling-hair: 

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 sybdragon    1,733

Going to make the women's libbers angry but a man is different than a woman. Adam was not a he/she. He was all male. Eve was all woman. They each have their own strengths and personally, I do not want a woman or he/she god. I like my male god. Jesus/Joshua was a male. Most women want girl children that I know of. Boys are ok but that's what males want, a son to carry on the name. Although I am sure God did not need Jesus/Joshua to do that. :gsbrnint:  Still male.... I like males. They are, well the guys here anyway, seem to be real males. The younger generation of wimps are not males. Do not know what they are but they are not following the nature of a male. I like the old fashioned guys that want to be a male. Drives me crazy but I would not have y'all any other way. You are my protectors and my rock to lean on. Could not do it without y'all. I am a weakling I am finding out to my shame. :blush:  I like having a protector. I like having a real man around to do the manly things. I am so out of touch these days. And I am also very glad I was born in a different generation. 55 is a good age and the most of the males think of themselves as males and not he/she or trying to become more emotional like girls are. Who is going to be the rock if both sexes are emotional twats? Not calling girls emotional twats unless the title fits like it seems to fit me. Dang it. So much for the women libber stuff I grew up in huh? :gsbrnint:  Call me reformed. :gsbrnint:

God is a male. Has to be. His nature shows he is a father. A protector. A rock. And that's all I got to say about that. 


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 Siriusly    316

Dear o dear.

How in the world does someone with a warped world view like that become bishop? Good luck getting respect from your flock your snowflakeness.

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