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Lost castle discovered submerged in giant Turkish lake

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 TheToolman    761

Landlocked by volcanic rock, Turkey’s Lake Van has captivated more imaginative locals with stories of a mythical monster lurking within. But now researchers have uncovered a more concrete reason for people to visit – a secret underwater castle.

Essentially, Lake Van is to Turkey what Loch Ness is to Scotland. Stretching between the provinces of Bitlis and Van, the giant body of water is Turkey’s largest and was once home to an Iron-Age kingdom called Urartu.

Many Urartian sites have been excavated in Turkey, according to the US Met Museum, and it’s possible that a fortress discovered beneath Lake Van’s surface can be added to that list.


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 Ron Swanson    103

This is pretty cool to me. I've studied the Hittites and Hattians for awhile now. I think the Hattians may have been a very special people... who were conquered and subsumed by the Hittites. 

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