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The Human History Story

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 Dometheus    351

We have all heard of the Sumerians and the Sumerian Tablets, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Atlantis without giving them a second thought. Too much reading and studying to figure it all-out.
Well, how about we let someone explain it all to us in a very simple way, Spirit Science Videos.

I found these Videos way back and they helped me learn about the Sumerian Tablets that were found and translated by Zachariah Sitchin. you can read his Wiki here

What’s really great about these videos is they tie everything together very nicely for me, they opened my eyes to the possibilities as well. Never stop looking for the truth, it is out there.

Now there are those who think this is all bullcrap and that’s Okay for them. For anyone wanting to wake up a little bit more should definitely watch these Videos.

The first Video “The Human History Story” is where it all started for me.

Here is a link to the YouTube playlists for those interested.



A Vision of the Future


Here is a link to the Spirit Science website for more information.

There were people who said Stitchin did not translate the tablets correctly, and then there are others who have re-translated the tablets and said he was spot on,
so not it is your turn again to figure it all out and decide for yourself, is this the real truth about who we all are?


Enjoy and happy Learning







OPOSING Stitchin:

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