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My niece asked me how I can keep a Barbary Macaque, which is a wild animal as a pet, but not an orca or a dolphin.

This is what I said as a response.

Barbary Macaques, and Orcas, slash dolphins are not the same Animals.

The "Human Environment" works much better for the Barbary Macaque than it does for the Orcas and Dolphins, for one thing the Barbary Macaque is a primate, it has much the same instincts, Behavior patterns, thought patterns, needs and desires as human beings, its Primate intelligence and communication style, and communication abilities makes it an interactive, fun, and really funny pet to have.

The Barbary Macaque, may or may not be smarter than the Dolphin, but it is a much better learner of human behavior, again because its a Primate, and it also learns much better from Observation..

My bet is that it is Smarter than the Orca or the Dolphin because the Barbary Macaque is a Primate.

Its also a land animal, I don't need to, in any way, shape or form recreate the environment that it lives in, in the wild and therefore potentially expose it to unintended man made risks... my house is the wild to it... a naturally occurring, or planted tree in the backyard works.

Unlike trying to keep a Orca or a Dolphin, I actually have a Friend in the Barbary Macaque.


Now compare that to the Orca and the Dolphin.

The Ocean cannot be reconstructed, the ocean is not a habitat that can be simulated for the purpose of storing a marine mammal...  anything that I build, is a bath tub to it, or maybe a fish bowl... it isn't a primate, or anything close to it.


That's the difference.

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Sometimes, I feel like a pet o.o; 

We have a gecko and a cat. They work double time as pest control and absolutely cute. If you are a fan of reptiles, I recommend the Gecko, they are a sweetheart lizard. ^.^

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My niece called me up an hour ago asking why I don't keep one of the great apes,  a Chimpanzee, a gorilla or an Orangutan.

Well its because the great apes are different than monkeys, for one thing the great apes grow far too big and powerful.. IT runs the house if anybody had one. lol

And they're also more vicious than monkeys like the Macaque.

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