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Brain Storming

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 AceMan    24

I was thinking more about the technologies, than political practicality :P

I had a picture in my head about the Cranes holding big giant logs,  with the Stihl Chain Saws cutting through them like a hot knife through butter,  and then loading them up onto the Wood-Mizer Saw Mill equipment, and watching it turn the logs into wood,  and watching the saw dust get separated into bins for other usages.

Then watching the JET woodworking tools and DeWalt, and Texas Instruments working their magic turning the wood into Entertainment Centers, Book Cases, Kitchen Counters and Cabinets, Tables and Chairs, Benches, Stools, Bars and store counters, Office and Computer Desks, Beds, Dressers and Bureaus, Dog Houses, Window Frames, etc etc...  in the wood shops with the workers wearing their cowboy hats and Caterpillar tee shirts haha

Watching the sheep, alpaca, and Llama sheering....  

Watching the great big giant John Deere and Gleaner Combines doing their thing...   and watching the Renault commercial Trucks hauling the wool and crops to the ports.

And counting the GDP from it.



Sorry about that


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 Cryptic Mole    3,520

I think most of those things have already been shipped off to India,
but I do admire your candor and wishful thinking!

You'll only read about those things in the history books.

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