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Tyson Foods – the largest U.S. chicken producer – has pleaded guilty in a chemical incident that led to the deaths of over 100,000 fish.

The Arkansas-based poultry giant has claimed “full responsibility” for accidentally releasing an acidic chemical used in chicken feed that wound up in Monett, Missouri’s wastewater treatment system.

In late September, the company landed in federal court in Springfield, Missouri, and pleaded guilty for two criminal charges of violating the Clean Water Act. The charges are from the 2014 incident at its slaughter and processing facility in Monett, Missouri, the DOJ stated.


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My Grandfather lived in Russellville AR. The plant is located in Springdale, AR.
Anyways when I was doing some freelance Camera work I picked up a gig in Springdale, AR at Tyson. I got the change to stay with my Grandparents for a couple of weeks while filming Tysons "Plant overview Video" for internal use only. I was to record everything that went on inside the plant, take it back to the studio where a script was added and music bed.

First, they took me to a couple of the nicer Chicken Ranches. (Chicken Ranch... LOL) But they did not call them that, here are the different divisions at TysonFoods:

Breeder flock, Pullet farm, Breeder house, Hatchery, Broiler farm, Processing/further-processing and finally Distribution.

They hang the birds upside down and the legs rub on the rails together with the low light they calm the chicken before they are shocked and made un-conscience. That was hard to watch, then just tense up and go limp.

From there the boil, de-feather and gutted and machines cut them up and send the different parts to different parts of the Tyson plant.

The Vibe, Smell and literally thousands of chickens went through the times I was filming. Horrible.

Worst yet was the rep from Tyson took us all out for a meal after the final day of filming at a local restaurant, and guess what they served us... Chicken from Tysons Plant. It was hard to eat that chicken and it took me many years to be able to eat chicken again.

I will say in closing at least they did not lob off the head like my dad used to do back in the day. Us kids would watch that chicken flop around laughing at it the whole time. Then be happy to eat it right off the bone. Nowadays my kid won't touch any meat that has bones in it. Whats happening to our society....

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