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A Complete Guide To Illuminati Symbols And Meanings

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 YaKnow2.0    336

Its either the elite and rich are mocking us peasants or there really is the "illuminatti".there are wat to many coincindenses and signs everywhere to say that there is no basis or reason to believe there is a secret society running the WORLD

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What do MJ and Walmart have in common?

Boys shorts half off. 

If we actually look into the matters, and not just what the MSM tells us, we will see Michael wasn't a pedophile. No "victim" pressed charges, and all admitted it was their parents that told them to lie for money. That's as simple as it is. MJ had a Peter Pan complex, because his father beat gold records outta him since age 8. So his mind got trapped into "child mode". That doesn't make him a perv. It makes him a victim. Look into how the Illuminati did Michael and then usurped his throne, took his kids, and the whole nine, all because he let the world know that there was a group, in power, that cared nothing for the people, but only themselves.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NH34Zyl8NIY - Just part one, but if ya enjoy or learn, then the other parts are linked in the guy's info page or whatever not.

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