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A mystery in the mountains: Looking for the Brown Mountain Lights

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 Cinnamon    23,102

The Brown Mountain Lights are a mystery in the mountains, not far from Knoxville.

The lights are a phenomenon in the Pisgah National Forest in Western North Carolina that are totally unexplained. The floating orbs can sometimes be seen floating over Brown Mountain near Morganton.

“We tell people that the Brown Mountain Lights are our mystery in the mountains," said Burke County Travel and Tourism Director Ed Phillips.

People have been seeing the lights for hundreds of years, but no one knows what they are.


The video was featured in the article. The lights are BIG. Anyone ever see anything like that? 

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 Siddrix    1,039

I remember one story about a reported sighting where they described a chimp inside one of the lights they witnessed one night.  It made me wonder if maybe in the future people experimenting with Time Travel would use chimps as test subjects. But who knows...

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 periclymenoides    1,384

I live 25 minutes down the road.  Tried once or twice at the Brown mtn overlook on highway 181 (1:18 second video) with no luck, looks right at Brown mtn.   Once I went to Wiseman's view on the far side of Linville gorge (only wilderness area east of the mississippi) from Brown mtn.  Brown mtn is visible from there through a gap on the opposite side of the gorge and is a well documented spot for viewing the lights.  Here I saw strange shit.   It was in the gorge though.   Looked like multiple arc welders on the opposite (table rock, chimenys area) side , not moving, but flaring up and dying off in the same spots, maybe 6 or 8 spots.  On the right side of the map linked , looking from the left side.

http://joeyhensonart.bigcartel.com/product/linville-gorge-boulders-spence-ridge-trail-print (I have framed copy of this on my wall)

I asked Joey if he had ever seen anything weird with all the time he's spent there.  He told a story of a UFO, pretty much an orb he once saw while camping down there, flying through the sky high up.

I saw an orb from my deck in 2008 peek over a ridge about half a mile away.  I estimate it had the diameter of a school bus , it never rose above the ridge all the way.

Xfiles did a fantastic episode on Brown mtn, though it had almost nothing to do with lights.  Super trippy episode exploring consciousness and discernment .   


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 periclymenoides    1,384

Story from Roan mtn, other direction 15 minute drive, just over TN state line.

Wild Bill.  He's 80ish, looks 90. Hangs out with my ex neighbor and drives same one eyed neighbor around.  Smokes all day every day for 30 or 40 years:doobie:  He used to be around a lot, my neighbor moved away in '12 and I occasionally see Bill when ex neighbor bums a ride over here to borrow $.   Bill talks a lot.  Has got endless B+ stories.   My favorite involves an orb on Roan mtn.

He's driving over the Roan between Bakersville and Roan mtn (town)  and stops to take a piss.   Middle of no where, wooded ..typical for here.   A little orb comes floating down the hill and parks itself in front of him while he is pissing maybe 5 or 10 feet away.  He studies it for a moment, about the size of a baseball, then gets weirded out and yells at it (wish I could describe what he said)  like a 'huh!!'  ....and the thing zips off back up the hill and disappears .



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 Dometheus    347

Remember the Marfa Lights? Looks similar to the video you posted.
The only difference is the altitude the first video is being recorded at and the other is recorded at ground level.


Here are the Marfa Lights:


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