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Truth BWY

Senator Warned (Letter) Obama Not To Sell Uranium To Our Enemies

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 Truth BWY    18

This was a act of 'HIGH TREASON' and everyone involver should be arrest and executed. This act has put Our nation and All Our citizen's (Including Liberal ) at risk for total annihilation!


Whenever AG Sessions wakes up... He needs to know this too..


AG Sessions lack of service to Our nation is beginning to take a toll on the Trump Administration and making it look weak in that department. And when will Sessions realize that his 'buds' ..Comey -Mueller & Rosenstein are using him as a 'sucker'  to their advantage to take down President Trump...... Or is Sessions really on their side ( becoming more evident each day )

Sessions needs to be kicked OUT...ASAP!  

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 Groove    1,951

But but but Shillary said she did nothing wrong an CNN called it a witch hunt. 



But hillary opened her mouth so you know she lied. 

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