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Marvel, Disney attacking US constitution.

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 Millevolt    636


Captain America started out by taking on Nazis and defending freedom, but now Marvel has him beating up conservatives who quote the U.S. Constitution.

Welcome to DISNEY folks! If you aren't already boycotting that scourge of the Earth, you SHOULD be... Disney, the company MADE ITS FORTUNES off the benefits and protections, that the US CONSTITUTION, and CONSERVATIVES gave to Disney, and off the backs of labor of US CITIZENS who BUILT Disney, PROMOTED Disney, and SUPPORTED Disney. NOW they want to take EVERYTHING you GAVE them, and use it to ENSLAVE you to the vile scum that run its board of directors. THATS a list of targets for when the SHTF people...

Tell that that you don't appreciate them BRAINWASHING our children into demonizing the very system that allowed DISNEY to become what it has.



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 Cinnamon    18,403

Much of this is what amounts to "reverse discrimination" and is becoming a battle between the haves and the have nots, on lower levels.  People who work hard and are able to pay their way on their own are the new targets of those who want to "level the playing field" and are being forced to pay the way of those who can't.  That amounts to a world full of poor people ruled over by the elites and those who will do their bidding to keep the rest in line. (They better hope they don't outlive their usefulness!)  Not very long ago, the idea of programming people, predictive programming and foretelling events in media was scoffed at in the most malicious ways on forums and in social media. I saw that myself when I first started researching in alternate news.  One guy I know had it completely right and he was torn to pieces for what he was saying.

What better way to sway a population than to go after people who are looking to entertain themselves? Kids will grow up believing this and probably won't even recall why they have the beliefs they do.  I know sometimes I find myself wondering where I got some of the ideas I have had. It had to be absorption via media. 

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 YourMom2    1,354

I can't watch those Marvel adult-toons anymore because they're just too boring. The fight scenes are too long and the dialogue too simplistic. As for Disney, I've boycotted them and every corporation that brands their products for the cattle. Parents must be vigilant but alas, the herd is very sleepy.

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