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Reunifying Korea

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This is the only way that I would support the idea of North and South Korea Uniting.
1. Unification is delayed until :
*85 % of all North Koreans have defected to South Korea, and have been Re-Educated brought to a reasonable level of health in South Korea.
*The Government of North Korea has sufficient domestic disobedience and defiance in North Korea that the Government of North Korea can no longer function.
*Enough North Korean land has been captured by South Korea and placed under South Korean rule, that it is not feasible for North Korea to exist.
2. North Korea agrees that a Unified Korea :
*Is based on the heritage of South Korea, and not North Korean communist dictatorships.
*Is a Westernized east Asian superpower.
*Maintains alliances with the USA, Canada, and the European Union, Australia, New Zealand.
*Is, and Maintains a Free Market Economy.
*Does not seek alliances with Russia, China, Vietnam and the Arabic middle east.
3. The Infrastructure and Technologies of North Korea are thoroughly and completely disposed of, and replaced with Infrastructure and Technologies of South Korean origin.
4. For the first Five years, people with North Korean origins must reside in a Halfway House, and receive the services of a Social Worker, and Psychological Counseling, Occupational Therapy, and Sheltered Employment workshop services.
5. The history of Korea, from the Japanese invasion of Korea until the Fall of North Korea, is written and taught, and recognized as South Korea, which is the idea that the Identity of Korea is that of South Korea and always has been... which ignores North Korea because it is not relevant to Korea's westernized development.

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Unify Korea?

Not a good idea.


Best to let the status quo remain.

Just my humble opinion.


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Korea won't reunite, because China owns that north half you want to disjar from em, and China isn't going to let that happen. They have too much on the line to fold like that. Be a total Obama move. Strike and then pull out e.e All that does is create clusterfucks. We stayed in Germany to this day, we should've stayed in Iraq as well. First good decvision Obama made was to refuse to pull out of Afganastan. We'd be totally ball-less in the region then. Lest we kept the best defense. But yeah, Korea, even if the war actually ends, won't ever be united again, save in a global world order. Which, they kinda already are.

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