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Somebody was yacking about sending drones to New Zealand to try to push them back into Europe.

This is what I said, in 4 parts.

Part 1 :

Gone are the days of vast differences and therefore great disparities between the weapon systems of different countries, things today are just about the same.
Gone are the days of independent empires lead by one nation.
Gone are the days of great disparities in how well different countries understand tactics, and science and receive education.

In are the days of Unions, Trade, Sharing, and Communication, and Education.

If the USA thinks it will take on the entire western world, here's the deal.
Send your 100,000 troops, believing this is another attack on nobody.... and You'll lose every single one of your so called "soldiers" in a few weeks time.

Part 2 :

You send drones to NZ, and first of all...

New Zealand would shoot them down... because like any other WHITE country, New Zealand has a better education system than the USA...and they're not afraid of anything.
And they have westernized, very powerful conventional weapons.

For its size, New Zealand is a much better country to live in than most other countries and they have first rate technology and capabilities.

Secondly, New Zealand is not afraid of anything that the USA has.

And then You're in a world of sh!t with the entire western world that the USA will lose.

Thirdly, New Zealand has drones too.

Part 3 :

New Zealand is Europe's friend in such a conflict, not the USA


Part 4 :   The five Batallions of the New Zealand Army, are easily more powerful than all but the USA, Canada, The European countries, Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, and Israel.

That's life put to practice.... This is based on what I know of a combination of different things... Weapons, Geography, Economics, and Sociology.

On its own, its more than sufficient to shoot down US Drones, US Helicopters, Blow up US Tanks and MRAPs to Smitherines, kill more than ten times the number of US Soldiers that the Iraqi and Afghan criminal organizations killed, in a time span that is 25 times shorter.


PLUS something that never happened in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sinking a few US Warships, and shooting down quite a few US Jets.

And That doesn't include allies like the European Union that is vastly superior to New Zealand.

So bring it on.

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LOL I love how the world underestimates the USA and DARPA. You kids are cute. Rod of God > that long list of nonsense.

One could even go Old School. (circa 1950's)

It would only take 3 well placed (at a certain depth drilled below the ocean floor ) US hydrogen bombs with their 25+ megaton blasts (maximum yield back in the 1950's) timed together to create a tsunami that would wipe New Zealand off the face of the planet.  

OR, 1 hydrogen bomb placed dead center in Cook Strait south-east of Wellington would likely set off all the faults in New Zealand. (and there are a LOT of them)

The USA is the only country to use nuclear weapons against an enemy population, and they don't keep 8,000+ of the damn things around because they are pretty to look at. lol

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