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Guitar Doc

Review: Nexus Magazine the last 20 years

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When I was first introduced to CT seriously after being a UFO buff I was given a box of CT books and Magazines.

The one which seemed the most credible and serious was called Nexus Magazine which had been taken over by an Australian named Duncan Roads.


If you want to see what CT is about over the decades it is ideal as Duncan isn't really a CT expert (he used to be known as "the Queen of the scene" and his flame wars with David Icke can still be read as Educateyourself in the archives as David dared criticize Sir Laurence Gardener whom Duncan had supported) he is a seller of CT books and the magazine is really a vehicle from promoting CT books along with old Art Bell stuff in the Twilight Zone section and some tasty disinformation about UFO's which is always worth reading as good disinformation contains some truth to give it the feel of credible information.


As a result we see a two decade spread of CT books reviewed in his magazine disguised as articles (the big clue is almost all the articles are taken from books that are for sale in the book review section at the back) which provides a constant supply of material to be used as content.



Here is the link for almost all the Nexus magazines he sold compiled on DVD. If you want to "get" the CT scene this is the context.


I had a bit of a falling out with Duncan 5 years ago when I realized he wasn't an actual CT expert (people were questioning him at GLP. I asked him his opinion on a series of CT subjects and came to realize he either didn't read his own magazine or didn't believe what he was printing. I was crushed as previous to that he was my CT hero). Despite that his magazine is great reference with covers pretty much every non spiritual (he hates Christians and Spiritualists with a passion) CT ever. I do recommend reading and referencing it as the DVD allows it to be searched. (he would find it quite ironic I am actually recommending his magazine after our falling out)


Nexus was briefly sold in the USA before being blocked. Apparently it was a distribution deal gone sour and he refused to refund people on their year long subscription (they only got a couple of mags instead of the usual 6) to which the distributor/sellers basically blacklisted him in the USA. Which was a great shame as most of the CT sites are US based but the people on them are not aware of the vast information in CT because they were not able to get regular instalments and reviews of what people thought was going on.


I draw upon the information I learned in that magazine all the time when writing articles and making posts. It is one of my primary sources of CT knowledge and I was a purchaser of that magazine for over 15 years. I have given away stacks of them over the years (to curious people) and still have a big pile.



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I was a subscriber for a few years, still have a stack myself somewhere.  I stopped buying when I noticed a lack of worthy articles, replaced by adverts for colloidal silver and books which were less than satisfactory given the hype (Co-Evolution comes to mind).  The really inspiring articles and information seemed to dry up, or maybe my mindset just changed.  

You'd know more than me about the behind the scenes as it were, so what do you think about the proposition that it could be an example of a disinformation source.  Your comments on Duncans knowledge or lack thereof are interesting.  Could it be that he was not in a position to answer CT questions because he was silenced?  Or maybe it was always just about the money? 

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