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BREAKING: Trump Leaves East Asia Summit in Philippines Early, Is something wrong?

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 spEKtre    148

Seriously this man is an Idiot! how on Earth is he allowed to still be the President of the USA ? Listening to him talk is like listening to some idiot o9n drugs who never went to school and has no clue about anything. I have been embarrassed by quite a few Australian Prime Ministers like Rudd, Abbott and Gilliard but even they are not on the same level of stupid this guy is on.

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 Ukshep    19,012
21 minutes ago, JayDee said:

We'll see. Very weird vibes in the air. 

Sure is...

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 sybdragon    1,489
3 hours ago, LuckyBolt said:


They all play dumb because 80% of their audience has a below 8th grade reading comprehension level.  And part of it is a show to keep pissing everyone off.

I suggest eating more popcorn.  The crunching sound can block out their voices.

I agree but I think the reading comprehension level is more along the lines of a 6th grader.

Jesus Christ!!! It's worse than we both think. WOW!!! Found an article and well, I am slightly shocked at these stats in the USA. I knew we had a lot of idiots but I didn't realize there were actually this many. I thought some of them were just joking but they are not obviously. Wow, just wow... This article is from 2013. The school system really sucks badly if these stats are correct.  https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/06/illiteracy-rate_n_3880355.html

Snippet: According to a study conducted in late April by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Institute of Literacy, 32 million adults in the U.S. can’t read. That’s 14 percent of the population. 21 percent of adults in the U.S. read below a 5th grade level, and 19 percent of high school graduates can’t read.

The current literacy rate isn’t any better than it was 10 years ago. According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy (completed most recently in 2003, and before that, in 1992), 14 percent of adult Americans demonstrated a “below basic” literacy level in 2003, and 29 percent exhibited a “basic” reading level.

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 GT500    1,985
4 minutes ago, JAY9000 said:

No twitter signal, its bad, really bad....

You're probably right HAL 


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